Fixing God's Broken Church

I wrote the following a few years ago, and, as I did, I imagined Mr. Rogers (of "neighborhood" fame) reading it aloud. I want to share it with you who've never read it. I pray that as you read, you might not just hear Mr. Rogers' voice however, but the voice of the God's Holy Spirit speaking to your heart.

This is a story about God's church. Even though this story has a happy ending, it's still quite a sad story. It's sad because God's church is broken. It doesn't work like it's supposed to work. It doesn't do what it's supposed to do. It doesn't even look like it's supposed to look. To tell you the truth, it's in pretty rough shape. I don't like God's church to be broken. It makes me sad. It makes me sad because it makes God sad. Doesn't it make you sad, too?

I've been talking to God a lot about His broken church. I wanted to know if it could be fixed. I also wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. God said, "Yes, it can be fixed," and He told me I could help. Wow, that makes me happy! But God also said He'll need lots more help to fix His church. Hey, maybe you'd like to help God fix His broken church! If you ask Him, maybe He would let you help, too. That would be great! Then we could work together to fix God's church. That's an awesome idea!

It's good to know God's broken church can be fixed, but it's not going to be easy. Nope, it won't. It won't be easy because not many people really know what's wrong with it. They mostly just know something's not right. There are others who don't even know it's broken. Now, that's sad. Even worse, there are some who do know it's broken, but don't want to have to change anything to fix it. Instead, they just pretend everything's okay. That's really sad!

God said some things will have to change for His church to be what He wants it to be and do what He wants it to do. Yup, that's what He said. If God's broken church is ever going to get fixed and work right, some things have got to change. But who knows what to do and who knows where to start?

This reminds me of Humpty Dumpty. You remember Humpty Dumpty, don't you? That too is a sad story. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men, Couldn't put Humpty together again. What a mess! The king's men didn't know where to start. Even the king's horses couldn't lick the problem. All those pieces. What goes where? Who knows? If only the king's men could have remembered what Humpty looked like before his fall, then maybe they could have put the pieces back where they belonged. Like Humpty Dumpty, God's church is in kind of a mess, too. It's fallen and it can't get up. God's broken church needs help—a lot of help! It needs God's help. Only God knows how to fix His broken church. Only God knows what it's supposed to look like. After all, it's His church.

If we knew what God's church was supposed to look like, then we could help Him fix it. There's an idea! Then God's church could be what He wants it to be, and do what He wants it to do. That would be simply wonderful! Don't you think so? Come to think of it, God has shown us what His church is supposed to look like. He's shown us in the Bible. Trouble is, we've been busy doing so many other things, that we haven't taken time to see what God's church is supposed to look like. If we had taken the time, we would have discovered that the church we know today is really very different from the New Testament church.

I wonder why God's church is so different today? I wonder what happened? Do you ever wonder what happened to God's church? Only God really knows. By the way, I wonder what really happened to Humpty Dumpty. I wonder if he just lost his balance—or maybe he was pushed—or maybe he was trying to take his life. I don't know, do you? All I know is he needed somebody to help him get it together again. Likewise, it really doesn't matter how the church got broken—we just need to do what we can do to help fix it!

think on these things...
"...I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it." —Matthew 16:10 (NKJV)

"And now God is building you, as living stones, into his spiritual temple."
—1 Peter 2:5


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  • 3/4/2007 Verl Hart wrote:
    I liked this article when I saw it the first time, like "I Love Lucy" reruns, nothing really good gets old.

    Glad you're blogging again
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    1. 3/4/2007 RG wrote:
      Thanks, Verl. It feels good to be back!
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    2. 3/3/2012 jenny wrote:
      I dont feel Gods church is meant to be filled with statues and idols.Lovers of God and his laws,all willing to follow the word of CHRIST, IS WHAT ESTABLISHES A REAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH.
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  • 3/8/2007 Mike Shoesmith wrote:
    Dear Randy;
    You have been commenting on the broken state of "God's church" for years. I recently pulled out one of your teaching tapes from years ago at L.O.F. and you were as concerned about it then as you are now. Maybe that which calls itself "church" really is'nt church at all. Maybe God's church really is'nt broken, Randy. Maybe there's nothing to fix. Maybe. The two scriptures you quote say, in reality, that almighty God is building His church. Does He need our help to "fix" what He is building? We may be surprised in the end who the church really consists of. Maybe God is finished with denominations. It is becoming harder and more difficult to find people really devoted to believing what is written in God's written testimony to us. People want "more". For much of the church, the spirit realm has become the new source of revelation. Others are given over to bondage and legalism. The separation of sheep and goat will take place when the whole world is forced to decide between food in their belly from the grocery store and eternal life. The bible says when the rapture will happen, and it's not when most people think. I have written a book called "Fallen From Grace" which goes into more detail and will be available worldwide in a few months.
    Love; your son in the Lord
    Mike Shoesmith
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    1. 3/19/2007 RG wrote:
      You are correct is saying that much of what is called "the church" isn't really the church at all. And I agree with you when you say that there is a separation taking place. But, to answer your question, I do believe that God needs our help to "fix" (correct what is wrong and add to what is lacking) His Church. Actually, He doesn't "need" it, but He has fashioned the building of His Church in such a way that it is accomplished through people. And people are either part of the problem or they are part of the solution. I choose to be part of the "fix."
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  • 3/26/2007 kathie mills wrote:
    Hello, Randy,

    Happy to hear from you--you are always on my mind (I believe someone made a song of that). I miss you all--especially the teaching I am so glad that I saved all the old tapes. I am doing fine, keeping busy with painting people's homes, which is such a good therapy for me.

    Things in Sarnia seem to be at a slow pace, there are very few people who want to talk about Jesus, it is always whats the weather doing, nonsensicle, but I hear your voice the last thing you prayed for me "keep focus on Jesus, Focus, Focus, Focus." I read and listen to alot of good sound teaching to fill me up, good sound teaching, nothing "off the wall". There is alot of that here. I am so glad to here you are doing well. May God give you strength for the times ahead. You are such a blessing used in my growth in the Lord.

    Love, your sister in the Lord, Kathie.

    This is a good site. I hope more will respond and give their insight as well. Will keep in touch
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  • 6/1/2008 Allan K wrote:
    The problem is the church has started worshipping man instead of God. Read John MacArthur's series called "The Kind of Worship God Desires."
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    1. 7/23/2008 Michael D Shoesmith wrote:
      Did John MacArthur ever write a series called: "I repent for being a false teacher along with my buddy Hank Hannegraf"? Now, there's a series I'd like to read. Until He does that, there's nothing he writes that interests me.
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  • 11/7/2009 Sue Moretti wrote:
    Hi Randy,

    I guess you are feeling better and coming back in full force. I just got done listening to one of your sermons. It will take a week to get through all of them. Loved the Elmwood Motel story--just down from our old Life of Faith. Just too funny.

    I want to listen to Laural Burell sing. Always did like Dave Fraley. Sounds like your heart is in Pt. Huron.

    You take care and I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your messages.

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    1. 11/7/2009 theChurchGuy wrote:
      Hi, Sue!

      Glad you're enjoying the site. I plan on posting more audio messages here in the near future. Get ready, 'cause here they come!

      Grace and peace,

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  • 2/15/2010 John Thomas wrote:
    I have been researching the popular topic "the church is broken". The church is made up of sinners saved by grace which often gives it the appearance of a broken and deprived humanity. This is Gods church and consist of the redeemed. He will continue to iron out each wrinkle and cleanse every blemish and present us spotless unto Himself.

    What is broken is The politics of religion and denomination.
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  • 8/25/2010 Tacfit Commando wrote:
    I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I've just stumbled this page for you :-D
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  • 3/2/2012 tammy wrote:
    for the last 6 years, since my husband passed away with cancer, i thought it was I that was broken, but after reading here I do think that it is the church that i used to attend. i still do like a submarine...but is has been very uncomfortable me for a long time. that is where the problem is, not just with me. i have been looking in the wrong places apparently instead of looking for Jesus.
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